Which functions can be restricted by authorisations?

The following functions can be restricted or individually selected when creating authorisation groups:



  • Manage profile and settings

General functions

  • Edit document properties
  • Tag documents
  • Download document
  • Forward document
  • Save document
  • Delete document
  • Permanently delete document
  • Restore document (from the Archive)
  • Restore document (from the Recycle Bin)
  • Order an original copy of a document
  • Edit PDF (Editor)


  • Pay invoice
  • Mark invoice as completed
  • Mark invoice as outstanding
  • Delete payment order


  • Add bank account
  • Edit bank account
  • Delete bank account
  • Show transaction account


  • Add organisation
  • Edit organisation
  • Delete organisation

Mail distribution

  • Reject document
  • Distribute mail
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