How do I register my redirecting at Swiss Post?

It is possible to redirect your correspondence to PEAX. However, this applies to all your mail and is a paid service of the Swiss Post. All services provided by PEAX are included in the PEAX subscription. If there are any postage costs in connection with the redirection, we will charge you the costs.

In order to receive your correspondence directly in the PEAX portal in the future, you must first register the redirection at Swiss Post.

Here are some instructions:

  1. Redirect mail temporarily at the Swiss Post. Click on the following link.
  2. Click on the button «Redirect mail now temporarily».01_Redirect_mail_now.PNG
  3. Enter the order and click on «Continue». You can select «P.O. Box (letters only)» as address type. Enter your PEAX-ID in the c/o field.02_Order.PNG
  4. You can also add or remove other persons or companies registered at this address. In addition, you can select or deselect the corresponding persons or companies here. To continue with the process click on the button «Continue».03_People.PNG
  5. Parcels must be excluded from redirection. Now select «Deliver parcels at home». Click on the button «Continue» ton forward the order.04_Parcels.PNG
  6. Now you will get a complete overview of the order. Check the order again carefully.
    If everything is correct, you can complete the order with the button «Pay».04_full_order.PNG
  7. Now you can deposit the mail redirection directly in the PEAX Portal To do so, log in to the PEAX Portal via browser. Then click on your «Profile» and then go to the «Mail redirecting» section.
  8. Start the process by clicking on the «Set up mail redirection» button.Postumleitung_EN_1000px.jpg

Important: The forwarding address must not be the same as the redirected address. Unscannable elements, such as credit cards, voting papers, bank codes, etc. can not otherwise be physically forwarded.

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