Subscribing to mail in the PEAX portal

In the PEAX Portal, you can order your mail digitally from the desired organisations into your PEAX mailbox. This means that you select the relevant organisations in the «Organisations» section and activate the postal subscription. Please note that you only subscribe to organisations of which you are a customer.

As soon as you have activated the postal subscription, an automatic e-mail will be generated in your name and sent to the desired organisation with the request to enter your PEAX address or the peaxbox e-mail address. As soon as your PEAX address has been registered by the organisation as a correspondence address, you will receive your next mail digitally in your PEAX mailbox.

For organisations that only accept physical address adjustments, a document will be generated and delivered to your mailbox. This document can be printed and physically delivered to the organisation.

If you want to inform the organisations individually, you can do this at any time. You will find your personal PEAX address and your peaxbox email
address in your profile.


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