Mail redirecting

It is possible to redirect all your correspondence to PEAX. 

To use this service, you first have to request "Redirect mail" from Swiss Post. Here you can register the postal redirection online. Enter your personal PEAX address as the redirection address. It is important that you provide your personal PEAX-ID so that we can clearly identify your mail. You can find your personal PEAX address in your «Profile» under «PEAX-ID». Please only redirect letter mail and exclude parcels from mail redirecting.

As soon as you have registered your mail redirection by Swiss Post, you can set up the postal redirection in your PEAX account. Go to your «Profile» under «Mail redirecting» and start the process with «Set up mail redirecting».

For the non-scannable mail you have to give us a forwarding address. The forwarding address must not be the same as the redirected address.


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