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What is PEAX Payment?

The PEAX portal allows you to receive invoices digitally with your daily mail or to upload them using the app, upload function or PEAXbox email address. A payment order is automatically generated, meaning all you have to do is quickly check and approve payment.

Paying with PEAX

Payments can be made directly through the PEAX portal. Simply fill in the direct debit form for your Swiss bank account and send it to your bank. For this you will need ID level 2 (activation code is registered and sent to your residential address).

This form authorises PEAX to process all approved payments through your PEAX transaction account. PEAX withdraws the exact invoice amounts from your bank and effects payment through the PEAX transaction account. Only those amounts approved for payment will be withdrawn from your bank account. No automatic withdrawals will be made without your approval. PEAX Payment works with any Swiss bank (except PostFinance).

Alternative option without ID level 2: paying in advance

Invoices can be paid even with ID level 1 via payment in advance. Simply initiate the payment process and select the payment option 'Advance payment'. A payment slip containing the necessary details for the transfer will automatically be generated. Once the funds have been deposited in your PEAX transaction account, the payment will be made on the specified date. If you would like to pay regularly using the advance payment option, you can set up a standing order to your PEAX transaction account. The amounts transferred will be credited to your account and used to make your payments.

PEAX Payment is the result of a cooperation with Luzerner Kantonalbank. We take long-established, official payment systems and use them innovatively to facilitate the payment process.


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